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Topic: Anyone interested in making a video walkthrough with me?

Hey there!
I'd be rude to claim that I'm one of the best Tasty Static players out there.


But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to say it.

I've beaten every official level at least 15 times xD
And most of the user made ones (and Misty included, of course.)

And here's my first forum post.

I released three roads not that long ago entitled "Trippy." They are mostly automated, simple levels. Just me learning the editor ^_^

But here's my idea.

Why not have a walkthrough? I'd be willing to take a video of every single level being beaten. Perhaps releasing them on YouTube in packs of three (one video per section)

The same could be done with the user made levels as well. In addition, if a recorded video of a level with a better time than the one displayed, it would be replaced. Seems logical. Would anyone care to help me in this mission?