Topic: Tasty Static : Stiff controls

First, thanks a lot for making this game.
I love skyroad and I almost love your game.

Almost because of a tiny detail which makes a huge difference in gameplay.

In Skyroads, you can jump and change the direction of the ship in mid-air, you feel you have full control of the game.
In Tasty Static, you can't do that. Jumping is really stiff and it gets really frustrating sometimes, because you feel you can't do anything about it.

Other than that, graphics and level design are great. Well done !

But is it possible to improve that stiffy jump ?

Re: Tasty Static : Stiff controls

I'm afraid you have a false memory there, you can't change direction mid-air in Skyroads either. Regardless, Tasty Static's levels were designed specifically with this control scheme in mind and there are no plans to release a patch changing it.

Thanks for the comments smile

Re: Tasty Static : Stiff controls