Topic: Mobile version?

So, with the dawn of smartphones, I was thinking a mobile version of TS would be totally sweet. Most smartphones could most likely handle tstatic, maybe with toned down graphics, although even that may not be necessary. I dunno if it would be easily ported or if it would need to be completely redone. The controls are simple enough that they could fit on either side of the screen. (Left and right on one side, speed up/down and jump on the other, maybe even a touch-controlled slider for speed adjustment on the fly.)

Also, you could totally charge money for it (I'd pay), and web-based custom level integration (maybe even full compatibility with the website) would keep it replayable. (You know, other than the fact that it's REALLY FREAKING HARD.)

This post is mainly directed towards leo, but if anyone still goes here it'd be cool to hear your thoughts.


Re: Mobile version?