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Hi all! This is great game  smile

Unfortunately, sometimes happens weird thing. Sometimes I press a key and game does not respond. This is mostly when pressing left and right arrows. I run it on Windows Vista on my decent laptop.

Does anybode experience something simillar?


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Sometimes keyboards aren't physically wired to handle certain combinations of keys being pressed at one time, there isn't much that can be done about that  sad
You can redefine the game controls at the bottom of the settings menu under 'Redfine Keys', hopefully to a layout your keyboard can handle.

Good luck!

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Unfortunately, it's not the keyboard. I noticed this point too and mentioned it in my review. There's definitely something going on. Whether it's a timing issue with the game or something with the particular Windows API used, I don't know. But it is the one point that's been consistently bugging me throughout the game. It's quite sporadic too. I was replaying "Icy 2" the other day, and literally 50% of my deaths where due to left or right not registering...

I will try changing to different keys, just to see if it may have something to do with particular ones (I assume it's possible that the controller APIs process certain keys differently).

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Pointed this out in your other thread but I'll repost it here too: this might be a result of you losing control of your ship when you land on the edge of a platform. It's an intentional part of the engine, but way too strong of an effect in the end. If you ever find this happening to you again try looking at where exactly your direction change didn't register. Not that this makes the issue okay - it might just make it a little less freaky if the issue doesn't seem sporadic.

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