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Topic: Source: Road 3

I just beat it; that one is surprisingly easy compared to the other 2. I can't complete the other two, yet I could beat road 3. I had to slow down a bit before I got in the exit tunnel so I wouldn't hit it, though.

26 deaths.

Re: Source: Road 3

Yeah. In retrospect Source 1 should have been Source 3, when I was play testing the last road I didn't realize I was doing things the hard way  roll

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I fully share the sentiments of you both. The Source roads seem to go backwards in difficulty.

The Source 1 felt a lot like Druidia 3 to me. But the jumps themselves are harder. Mercifully it is so short. If it was as long as Druidia 3 it would probably be unbeatable. smile

Re: Source: Road 3

The weird part I find about Source 1 is that if I can get past the second long-jump (eg: almost never), I always seem to be able to complete the rest of the level. I always thought with less practice I'd be less competent and doing those final jumps. Maybe it's the adrenaline tongue