Topic: We should hold a contest.

We should have a tasty static contest, for fun and to get it some attention, y'know? wink

We could have someone make a bunch of levels, each one stressing a certain skill (pipe riding, speed changing, double jumping, etc.). Then, we could post two screenshots. First, how many deaths it took before you completed it once, and second, your best time on the road.

We wouldn't have some big ol' elimination or a confusing round system, it'd just be whoever has the best time/deaths is the leader and is cool.

What do you guys think of this?  big_smile

Re: We should hold a contest.

If you guys go ahead with it I'll post the results on the main website  smile

Re: We should hold a contest.

although (as fun as it is), I'm terrible at making levels, they always end up being around 10 seconds.

Where's PiepersonofDOOM when you need him...

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Re: We should hold a contest.

Re: We should hold a contest.

I'd be happy to create some levels too (and maybe even provide a little planning/technical expertise wink ).  Unfortunately, like PiePersonOfDOOM, I am not that good at Tasty Static either.  Heck, I haven't even finished my Overlay series yet because of lack of ideas. sad